Arab Women & Decision-Making (1998)


This publication is the result of a field, analytical study, along with a number of case studies, on Arab women holding leading, executive, political and power positions in six Arab countries : Tunisia, Syria, Morocco, Kuwait, Egypt and Palestine.

It aims to sensitize governmental and non-governmental officials to the necessity to eliminate gender-based discrimination and to offer Arab women more opportunities to assume active roles in society, to hold power positions and partake in the decision-making process.

The book starts by providing relevant demographic data and by disclosing relevant demographic data and by disclosing certain sociological inequalities. It then addresses the participation of women in public life, with particular emphasis on the legal aspect. The book also includes a presentation and analysis of the study findings, and ends with a number of recommendations aimed at further fostering women’s role in the decision-making process.

(Publication is in hard copy at CAWTAR)