Comparative studies of women in public life-theoretical and methodological challenges (2015)


This paper sets out to investigate the relationship between Moroccan women’s educational travel and social change.

Obviously, over the past few decades, many Moroccan women from different walks of academic and professional life were selected as Fulbright grantees within the well-known Fulbright program with a view to improving their professional profiles and broadening their research horizons in America.

Back to Morocco, after completing the period assigned to them, many women Fulbrighters, impacted by the cross-cultural education and training they were exposed to, have launched and participated in a plerthora of projects and initiatives in the attempt to effect change in their society in light of what they learnt in America.

In the course of my paper, the focus will be put on some of these projects and initiatives and the ways they have gone through to induce a feasible social change in the Moroccan society. Equally important, the paper will simultaneously examine the impact of Fulbright program on Moroccan women grantees themselves.

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