UNSCR 1325 in the Middle East and North Africa-Women and Security

This report examines the implementation of UNSCR 1325, what it has accomplished, and its potential in Egypt, Iraq, Israel, the Palestinian territories, and Tunisia fifteen years after being passed by the United Nations Security Council. To understand the successes and challenges of 1325 in each nation, one-on-one interviews were conducted as a key part of this research. Interviewees included female and male academics, activists, government officials, and non-governmental leaders. The report distils lessons and recommendations that are applicable to the Middle East and North Africa region and those relevant to particular nations. The report’s findings aim to deepen the recognition and application of the essential linkages between advancing gender equality and creating sustainable national security and peace.
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​Women and security// Middle east and north Africa//Gender Equality//Sustainable national security//Sustainable national peace//Peace and security//Gender justice//Gender equity// Mainstreaming//Gender based violence//Violence against women//Domestic violence//Violence against women//Human rights// women rights//​