• @NGED is a regional network.
  • Established in 2002.
  • Funded by the World Bank’s Development Grant Facility (DGF), in addition to supplementary funds committed by other donors to cover some of its activities.
  • Its membership consists of research centers, governmental institutions, NGOs, regional and international organizations, journalists, media professionals, trainers, experts, Researchers and pparliamentarians from 20 Arab Countries (Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Djibouti, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Sultanate Oman, Syria, Tunis, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Yemen).

Why @nged ?

  • A space for multifaceted policy-oriented activities: research, training and information sharing and policy dialogue.
  • A voice advocating policy recommendations in relation to gender and development in Arab region.
  • A pillar of CAWTAR’s networking program and contributes to CAWTAR’s international and regional partnership programs.
  • A vehicle ensuring outreach and dissemination of CAWTAR’s periodical Arab Women Development Reports, which are considered as catalyst for dialogue over policy, change.
  • A source for its membership to learn and share through capacity building programs, research projects and partnerships.


  • Mobilize regional expertise and resources to address priorities in the field of gender and development
  • Advocate embracement of robust analytical base in policy making and advancement of gender equality through media
  • Contribute to formulation of policy recommendations in context of Arab region
  • Promote findings of regional policy-oriented research including CAWTAR Arab Women Development Reports in the international, regional and national levels
  • Provide a unique space for dialogue on gender issues.


Focuses on topics covered by CAWTAR Arab Women Development Reports:

  • Arab Women in Economic Sphere
  • Arab Women and decision-making
  • Arab Adolescent Girl
  • Arab Women and the media
  • Arab Women and legislation


  • Annual Meetings for members to dialogue, plan activities, attract new members
  • Research Competitions/ Publications to contribute to regional knowledge
  • Community of Practice to keep abreast of and reflect to new developments
  • The Media to advocate and sensitize decision-makers and the community
  • National correspondents to ensure outreach and measurable impact of activities
  • Training to acquire essential tools to effectively manage programs

Information Wealth

  • In-depth studies on topics covered by Arab Women Development Reports
  • Annual meetings presentations
  • Consultancies
  • Surveys and scientific data
  • Best practices
  • Training materials in the fields of adolescence and media
  • Media materials and Press articles
  • National reports and Studies to enrich Arab Women Development Reports


  • A multimedia website (to be launched)
  • Directories of experts and institutions

Spin off Networks

  • Media Network
  • Arab Adolescent Network
  • Gender and Globalization Network
  • Regional Network for Arab Women and Local Governance
  • Regional Network for Combating Violence against Women

National Correspondents

Members represent @NGED in their respective countries and provide information for CAWTAR and its partners.

Synergies and Contributions

@NGED’s Synergies and Contributions to International Regional Initiatives include:

  • Shadow Report, UNIFEM/UNFPA/CAWTAR, presented in Beijing .10.
  • Follow-up on World Bank Reports in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia
  • UNIFEM/CAWTAR Arab Women Media Watch
  • Memorandum of Understandings with Yemen, Lebanon, and Libya


Members are supported by CAWTAR to attend @NGED’s Annual Meeting. They benefit fiom the Center’s projects, training programs and partnerships.

Membership is open to individuals, institutions and organizations who share vision of the network in approaching issues of gender and development and who are particularly interested to contribute to @nged’s activities.

Membership form for experts 

Institutions Registration Form

Fees of Membership

Individual Membership $60 per annum

Institutional Membership $100 per annum

Evaluation of the Arab Network for Social Diversity and Development